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I guess it all started when i was just a young pup. Around the age of ten, I approach my father and told him that I was bored, this was during the summer and school was out so he went into his closet and hand me over an old mail order drawing course and a handmade sketchbook. Here you go, pass your time learning something he said. Thanks to that little push, years later I became a Graphic Designer/Artist.
Today Graphic Art is done on computers, but I never left the graphite, I always start my concepts with a doodle or a pencil sketch.

After working as a graphic designer for 20 years, I’ve returned to what I really love, drawing and painting.   Painting is my way to express my feelings and emotions, I want to depict the strength, beauty, sensitivities, and vulnerability of the human form and its connection with the physical and the divine. Acrylics is my medium, sometimes I paint on canvas and sometimes I use heavy weight watercolor paper. 
I hope you enjoy my contemporary figurative art pieces and would like to acquire some of my art pieces.

Thank you for your patronage and please share my page with other art lovers.  God bless

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